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Loaning Your Vehicle

There are several situations in life that may require you to loan your car to someone, whether it be a relative, friend, or out-of-town guest. In any of these instances, it is extremely important to make sure that your vehicle is properly insured. If you donít acquire some form of insurance, you can be held responsible for damage and/or injuries in the event of an accident.

Perhaps the best option in any of the aforementioned situations is to purchase temporary car insurance. Temporary car insurance covers the driver of your car for a shorter period of time than a long term policy. When you loan out your vehicle, it is possible to temporarily add an additional driver to your current long term policy. However, this often involves a lot of paperwork and hassle. In addition, if the person that borrows your car happens to be involved in any altercations, the rates and benefits of your long term policy can be affected. However, if you instead purchase a temporary policy, you can save yourself a lot of trouble while protecting your long term policy at the same time.

Most temporary policies include liability insurance, as well as property damage and personal injury insurance. Some policies may also include other features such as road side assistance, but these policies are often more expensive. Before you decide on any temporary car insurance policy, be sure that you understand all of the included features.

Temporary car insurance can also be beneficial in situations other than loaning out your car. For example, if you are going on vacation and wish to rent a car, you will need temporary car insurance. In addition, temporary car insurance can help when you are purchasing a new vehicle. Rather than picking the first long term insurance policy you come across, you can purchase temporary cover so that you can legally drive your new vehicle while you shop around for the best deal on permanent car insurance.

Temporary insurance can be purchased for any amount of time from one day to slightly less than a year. You can have your policy begin immediately, or on a pre-determined start date. If you wish to apply for such a policy, you can do so online or in a brick and mortar office. It is also possible to compare prices from different insurers on the internet. Be sure to compare policies before you purchase one because prices vary greatly depending on the company.

In conclusion, temporary car insurance is an excellent option for those who intend to loan their car to a friend or relative for any period of time less than a year. Though it is possible to temporarily add another driver to your policy, it is often easier to purchase a temporary policy. In addition, accidents that occur under the temporary policy will not affect the rates and benefits associated with your long term policy. Finally, you can purchase temporary cover either online or in an insurance companyís office.

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